Since YWCA O‘ahu offered its first swim lesson at a rented pool in 1912, its aquatic program gained a reputation as a valuable community resource. Our Aquatics Department strives to provide a safe, nurturing environment for swimming education and recreation. We emphasize positive reinforcement to encourage confidence and self-esteem in participants. 

YWCA annual membership is required for all aquatics programs. Health and Wellness membership is required for lap and recreational open swim at YWCA Laniākea.


Swim in our heated pools at both Kokokahi and Laniākea YWCA. Click on the links below to view our lap and recreational swimming schedules.


Join our members for fun group cardio-aquatics exercise! 

  • Kokokahi Aqua Exercise

    • Only YWCA annual membership required.

  • Laniākea Aqua Exercise

    • Must be a Health and Wellness member.


As an island community, water safety is a priority. Our Water Safety Classes are designed for students ages 6 to 12. These classes are unique in that they give students the confidence to be in and around water, improve their knowledge of aquatic environments, and an introduction to swimming techniques. Students with more experience will build on the skills they already possess.

The cost for a class of 35-40 students is $375 plus tax and includes:

  • 5 hours of class time (can be spread across multiple days)

  • 3 certified lifeguards/instructors

  • Classroom space & materials

  • Use of a heated pool

  • Use of bathrooms and showers

  • Use of public WiFi

  • Picnic grass area for lunch/snacks

Elementary schools, home schooling programs and interested groups can specialize and create their own experience with our Aquatics Manager. Please call our Kokokahi office at 808.247.2124 x201 or email us for more information.


Rent our pool at Kokokahi YWCA for private use or for your next pool party! Please visit the Kokokahi location page to inquire about facility rental.

Learn to Swim

About our Classes

Our comprehensive swim program is offered at our two pool locations. With a low student-to-teacher ratio, our swim classes are safe and great for first time swimmers at any age! All aquatics staff members are experienced Water Safety Instructors. Classes are offered at various times to fit your busy schedule. For schedules for prices, please see the information provided below.

YWCA Kokokahi Spring Session 2019 Aquatics Schedule and Prices
YWCA Laniākea Spring Session 2019 Aquatics Schedule and Prices

2019 Learn to Swim Session Dates

Winter Session

  • Session A: Jan. 8 - Feb. 3 (four weeks)
    Registration period: Dec. 10, 2018 - Jan. 4, 2019

  • Session B: February 4 - March 3 (four weeks)
    Registration period: Jan. 14 - Feb. 1

Spring Session

  • Session A: March 11 - April 14 (five weeks)
    Registration period: Feb. 18 - March 8

  • Session B: April 15 - May 19 (five weeks)
    Registration period: March 25 - April 12

Summer Session

  • Session A: May 27 - June 23 (four weeks)
    Registration period: May 6 - May 24

  • Session B: June 24 - July 28 (five weeks)
    Registration period: June 3 - June 21

  • Session C: July 29 - Aug. 25 (four weeks)
    Registration period: July 8 - July 26

Fall Session

  • Session A: Sept. 2 - Oct. 13 (six weeks)
    Registration period: Aug. 12 - Aug. 30

  • Session B: Oct. 14 - Nov. 24 (six weeks)
    Registration period: Sept. 23 - Oct. 11

Holiday Season Session

  • Dec. 2 - Dec. 22 (three weeks)
    Registration period: Nov. 11 - Nov. 29



For over 20 years, we offered adaptive swim classes to the Windward community at our Kokokahi location. We currently operate the state's Department of Education Adaptive Swim program, providing swim instruction to students with disabilities and severe impairments of all ages. Although progress takes much patience, the accomplishments made by each student are significant.


Offered at both Laniākea and Kokokahi, this class is designed to teach parents how to make that first experience in the water with their baby/toddler a positive one. Our instructor teaches you how to enter the pool with your child, adjust your child to the water and explore the underwater environment with your child. All classes are taught in our heated pool (a necessity when teaching infants and toddlers to swim). 


Offered at both Laniākea and Kokokahi locations. From non-swimmers to advance, these classes provide an introduction to fundamentals of water safety and swimming. Limited enrollment of 5 per class. 

Prerequisites: Below are descriptions of the ultimate objective for each class level

  • Junior Novice 'Opihi' - (non-swimmers) designed for first time swimmers. Water adjustment, bubbles, floating

  • Junior Level I - (prerequisite: Junior Novice) 10-yard continuous swim: front crawl, breaststroke arms, backstroke kicking

  • Junior Level II - (prerequisite: Junior Level I) 15-yard front crawl with side breath, back crawl, frog kicks

  • Junior Level III - (prerequisite: Junior Level II) 25-yard front crawl, breaststroke, backstroke, deep water exploration

YOUTH SWIM Classes (AGES 6+)

Offered at both Laniākea and Kokokahi locations. Levels work on swim skills from basic to competitive. Limited enrollment of 8 students per class. 

Prerequisites: Below are descriptions of the ultimate objective for each class level

  • Youth Novice - (non-swimmers) designed for first time swimmers. Water adjustment, breathing skills, floating

  • Youth Level I - (prerequisite: Youth Novice) 10-yard continuous swim: front crawl, backstroke kicking, breaststroke arms

  • Youth Level II - (prerequisite: Youth Level I) 15-yard front crawl with side breath, backstroke, breaststroke

  • Youth Level III - (prerequisite: Youth Level II) 25-yard front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke, diving

  • Youth Level IV - (prerequisite: Youth Level III) 50-yard continuous swim: stroke development, butterfly, side stroke

  • Youth Level V - (prerequisite: Youth Level IV) 100-yard continuous swim: stroke refinement, flip-turns

  • Youth Level VI - (prerequisite: Youth Level V) competitive stroke techniques


Offered at our Kokokahi location. For all levels, from non-swimmer to advanced.  Levels work on swim skills from basic to competitive. The goal for Adult Swim Classes is to gauge what the student wants to improve and work to their strengths. Each individual is different and unlike most children, adults tend to know what they want out of swim lessons. 


Offered at both Kokokahi and Laniākea locations. For all ages and abilities, Semi-Private Classes are offered at normal schedule times or upon request. Semi-Private Classes are designed to give students more one on one time with the instructors. Limited enrollment of 2 students per class ( 3 students permitted upon request). 


For all ages and abilities. Offered upon request at both Locations. $30.00 per class.


For general inquiries about our aquatics program