What's new with Health & Wellness

Progress is impossible without change, so YWCA O‘ahu fitness members can look forward to some positive developments at our Laniākea headquarters. One of our key additions is the arrival of Nicole Enos, YWCA Oahu’s new Membership & Wellness Manager. Nicole shares how she found her way to the YWCA and how she plans to elevate the downtown program.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in business and finance from Hawaii Pacific University, Nicole worked in project management, but didn’t find the work as fulfilling as she imagined. She had always dreamed of working in fitness, but when a former acquaintance told her she’d never become a personal trainer, Nicole tossed the idea aside. After some self-reflection, she decided that nobody could tell her what she could and could not accomplish, so she took a leap of faith and switched career paths.

As she was studying to become a personal trainer, Nicole began shadowing Chad Muetzel’s boot camp at Laniākea YWCA in 2014. Shortly after, she was running her own boot camp with the support of then Health & Wellness Manager, Vangie White.

Over the course of several years, Nicole earned her personal trainer certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, where she also received a certification in Corrective Exercise. She’s currently in the process of receiving her Fitness Nutrition certification.

“Corrective exercise is useful because most people have some sort of a distortion or an injury,” Nicole said. “Improper form is often linked to muscle imbalance of some sort and it pretty much applies to everyone, especially when working with senior populations.”

After receiving her certification, Nicole worked with a variety of clients as a personal trainer for a popular gym chain, but decided that the corporate environment didn’t fit her style. The timing aligned when Vangie called her out of the blue to see if she was interested in joining the YWCA O‘ahu staff.

“I liked training there, I learned a lot and it was definitely a good place to start, but it was time for the switch,” Nicole said. “It’s nicer to be here where it’s more member-oriented and community-oriented and focusing on actually serving our members rather than selling things to them.”

Now Nicole’s ready to switch things up at YWCA O‘ahu. She has already revived the Gentle Yoga class, which is scheduled to start on August 17, and hopes to increase awareness of the free and subsidized options offered by health insurers.

“I’d like to see us continue expanding our senior population. We’re reaching out to the seniors in the community to show them what we have to offer, as well as the professionals and students in the area,” she said.

Nicole has also created new and affordable personal training packages at Laniākea. Her passion for fitness is evident as she spoke about the benefits of having a personal trainer.

“I think the biggest benefit to me is that you get to make the most out of your time and your gym membership. You take the work out of figuring out what to do and you see your results so much faster,” she said. “Even trainers hire trainers for that reason. They’re looking at it from the outside to see what you need to work on and what works for you. It’s pushing you outside of your comfort zone but within your limits.”

Nicole added that having a personal trainer isn’t just for athletes or for weight loss. For seniors or people just starting out, personal training sessions can help them get acquainted and comfortable with the exercise machines and to make sure their technique is correct to set a strong foundation. YWCA Oahu’s training packages are also more affordable than many nearby gyms.

For prices and for more information about personal training packages, please click here or call 808.538.7061.