Ka Hale Ho‘āla Hou No Nā Wāhine

The home of reawakening for women

Ka Hale Ho‘āla Hou No Nā Wāhine is a community-based furlough program in our Fernhurst facility, dedicated to empowering women to successfully transition from prison back into the community. Through this program, our furlough residents set and accomplish attainable goals, build resiliency, learn to manage emotions, and make positive changes.

Reducing Recidivism

Studies indicate that community-based furlough programs are effective in addressing problems associated with re-entry and high rates of recidivism. Nationally, 50-60% of women offenders who complete community-based furlough programs stay out of prison for two years.* We provide our residents with the support necessary to gain and sustain employment in an effort to eliminate the inclination to return to criminal behavior for economic reasons. Additionally, our program model is gender-responsive, trauma-informed, and culturally-sensitive. 82.4% of the women we serve successfully stay out of prison for at least two years.

Personal & Professional Development

The majority of our women participate in our Economic Advancement and Health and Wellness programs at YWCA Laniākea. These innovative programs not only focus on professional development but also encourage mental and physical well-being.

Program Model: Progress Through Circle Expansion

Our Circle Expansion program model is a behavior management system designed to guide our furlough residents towards successful community reentry. Women progress through the stages (circles) at their own pace, depending on their ability to learn skills, handle difficult situations, find and retain employment, and navigate relationships. Each circle has increased responsibilities and privileges, and the model allows women to refocus to inner circles as needed.

*Studies on recidivism show that former offenders who are not re-incarcerated for at least two years after being released from their sentence are unlikely to recommit crimes.


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