Mission Making Society

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Support YWCA Oahu’s future by joining the Mission Making Society.

Donate $1,000 a year for the next five years and your gift of just $83 a month will provide about 300 outfits to disadvantaged women looking for jobs.

By contributing to YWCA O‘ahu, you create opportunities for women to lead lives that make a positive impact in our community. Your tax-deductible gift will stay in Hawai‘i and sustain YWCA Oahu’s mission of empowering women through health & wellness, leadership development, and economic advancement.

When selecting your Pledge Duration, please select five years (5 years = 20 quarters = 60 months).

Corporate sponsor

Cosco Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

$50,000 OVER 5 YEARS

H. T. Hayashi Foundation

$21,000+ over 5 years

Tim Takaezu & Jodi Lam
Colleen & Wayne Minami
Ritchie & Sunny Mudd

$10,000 over 5 years

Kathryn Inkinen and Remedy Intelligent Staffing

$5,000 over 5 years

Belinda Aquino
Terry & Violeta Arnobit
Dianne Winter Brookins
Stephanie Buck
Lindsey Carry
Faye Chiogioji
Marivic Dar
Jill Eckart
Linda Lewis Ezuka
June Fernandez
Lyn Flanigan
Marcy Fleming
Kimberly and Jason Haruki
Kevin, Marcie & Luke Herring
Joan Lee Husted
Louise Ing
Susan Ing
Melanie Islam
Marcy Jackson
Melissa Jackson
Kanani Kealoha-Faleafine
Melanie King
Susan King
Ann Kobayashi
Jill Feldon LaNouette
Liza Lee
Kristi Lefforge
Lorna Lo
Lutheran Church of Honolulu
Anne Mapes
Julie Molloy
Jonathan Murai
Susan Murray
Angie Nakasone
Noriko Namiki
Veronique Nguyen
Amanda Corby Noguchi
Ronalyn Nuesca
Kendra Oishi
Paige Pahlmeyer
Paul Pancho
Ally Park
Cayenne Pe'a
Keala Peters
Emalia Pietsch Hogan
Noel Pietsch Shaw
Evelyn Ramo
Esther Roberts
Crystal Rose
Grace Saturnia
Catherine Schultz
Vincent & Alison Shigekuni
simplicityHR by Altres
Michelle Stofle
Michelle Stone
Rae Sultan
Valerie Sylvester
Dr. Bryan & Jennie Tamura
Ginny Tiu
Bruce Watanabe
Julie Watumull
Wanda Watumull
Beth Whitehead
Linda Y. Wong
Cecile Yasay
Melanie Yeaman
Isla Young
Patricia Vigueras Doo in the name of Thomas Vigueras
Kimberly Miyazawa Frank in the name of Griffin Victoria Frank & Marin Elizabeth Frank
Tyrie Lee Jenkins, M.D. in the name of Elizabeth Ann Valentin
Barbra An Pleadwell in the name of Bella Grace Harper & Amelia Levy
Jeannine Souki in the name of Elliott Francis Aguon Souki
Donna Tanoue in honor of Marjorie Hisako Tanoue
Dana Tokioka in the name of Suzanne Tokioka