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For over 40 years, YWCA O‘ahu has honored women who have demonstrated leadership and made a difference in our community.

In 2020,  YWCA O‘ahu will be celebrating its 120th Anniversary and will mark this occasion by honoring these women and the many women who have been part of YWCA Oahu’s and Hawaii’s history. We invite you to nominate outstanding women to be recognized at 2020 LeaderLuncheon.

Women selected will exemplify the following qualities:

• Is female and a resident of Hawai‘i.

• Embodies YWCA Oahu’s mission of eliminating racism and empowering women.

• Is a role model, creates opportunities, and/or advocates for the advancement of women and girls.

• Is recognized as a leader in her community.

• Is inspirational.

Honorees must:

• Attend the 43rd Annual LeaderLuncheon event on Thursday, May 7, 2020.

• Participate in pre- and post-event orientation and promotional activities, including but not limited to the Honorees’ Meet & Greet gathering on Thursday, March 5, 2020.

Expectations of nominators:

• Attend the Honorees’ Meet & Greet gathering on Thursday, March 5, 2020.

• Identify two (2) Vice Chairs to represent Honoree on the 2020 LeaderLuncheon Sponsorship Committee. Vice Chairs are responsible for recruiting the Honoree’s family, friends, and colleagues to sponsor tables at 2020 LeaderLuncheon.

Nominations must include:

1. Completed nomination form (click here to download a fillable PDF).

2. Nomination essay which addresses the following:

a. How the nominee exemplifies the qualities of a YWCA Honoree (see qualities above).

b. Additional information that make the nominee worthy of selection.

c. Affiliation or relationship to YWCA O‘ahu, if any.

3. Two letters of support: Letters should be submitted by separate individuals other than the nominator (e.g., person submitting nomination essay).

4. Two Vice Chairs/Nominee Representatives: These individuals will support and represent the Nominee, if selected, on the 2020 LeaderLuncheon Sponsorship Committee.

5. Optional: Newspaper or magazine article, photos, or other documents about the nominee. Please note that these materials will not be returned.

6. All of the above (items 1 – 5) must not exceed 10 one-sided pages (8.5 x 11 inches).


All applications must be received in full by 4:00 p.m. HST, Tuesday, December 3, 2019.

• Completed application must include, at minimum, items 1-4 listed above. Incomplete applications will not be accepted

• Download and fill out the 2020 LeaderLuncheon Nomination Checklist here.

• Email to: LeaderLuncheon@ywcaoahu.org

• Or mail/hand-deliver to:

2020 LeaderLuncheon
YWCA O‘ahu
1040 Richards Street
Honolulu, HI 96813

Announcement of Honorees:

Will be made by February 2020.

For questions and more information:

Contact Cecilia Fong at leaderluncheon@ywcaoahu.org or call (808) 695-2620.

YWCA O‘ahu LeaderLuncheon Academy

2019 LeaderLuncheon Academy Member Photo

2019 LeaderLuncheon Academy Member Photo

Academy members

2019: Kathryn Inkinen, Kathryn Matayoshi, Patricia Tam, Beth Whitehead

2018: Julie Arigo, Catherine Ngo, Ginny Tiu, Loretta Luke Yajima

2017: Bettina Mehnert, Connie Mitchell, Susan Murray, Crystal Rose

2016: Marilyn Lee, Helen Nakano, Donna Tanoue, Betty White

2015: Mary M. Cooke, Kathryn W. Inouye, Laura Smith, Candice Suiso

2014: Marilyn M. Moniz-Kaho'ohanohano, Karen Radius, Cecile D. Sebastian, Helen N. Wai

2013: Dee Jay Mailer, Paula R. Rath, Lorenn Walker, Sylvia H. Yuen

2012: Belinda A. Aquino, Lucy M. Gay, Ann H. Kobayashi, Betty Lou Larson, Shelley Wilson

2011: Vicky Cayetano, Colleen E. Minami, Suzanne Chun Oakland, Catherine H. Payne, Linda Rosario

2010: Violeta Arnobit, Faye Kennedy, Nancy Kreidman, Nola Nahulu, Leslie Wilcox

2009: Erlinda M. Cachola, Suzanne  Case, Anna Elento-Sneed, Signe A. Godfrey, Marsha Graham, Janice Kalanihuia, Melody K. Mackenzie, Diane J. Plotts, Virginia M. Pressler, Indru Watumull

2008: Connie C. Chun, Gwen Pacarro, Donnis Thompson, Jenai Wall

2006: Adelia C. Chung, Ku  Kahakalau, Faye W. Kurren, Mary Bea Porter-King

2005: Christine Camp Friedman, Tyrie L. Jenkins, Carol Ai May, Coral W. Pietsch

2004: Louise K. Ing, Lynn Maunakea, Victoria Schneider

2003: Naleen Andrade, Carol McNamee, Jean E. Rolles

2002: Sandra A. Fong, Caroline Ward Oda, Ph.D., Nalani Olds

2001: Clarice Cornett, Marivic G. Dar, Alice F. Guild

2000: Julia Frohlich, Francine Gries, Patti J. Lyons

1999: Catherine Lagareta, Maile Meyer, Jo Ann Moe

1998: Gail F. Breakey, Lynn M. Watanabe, Sharon Weiner

1997: Lynne Johnson, Beatrice K. Kraus, Rose Nakamura

1996: Lucile M. Abreu, Joan M. Bickson, Estelle Kelley

1995: Diane E. Chang, Sharon S. McPhee, Rell Sunn

1994: Viola E. Dolman, Sharon C. Mahoe, Jackie Young

1993: Gladys K. Ainoa Brandt, Margaret Oda, Cherye R. Pierce

1992: Barbara C. Anthony, Momi Waihee Cazimero, Constance H. Lau, Patricia Saiki

1991: Doris M. Ching, Beatrice K. Dawson, Noel Irwin-Hentschel, Carole Kai Onouye, Lynne Waihee

1990: Suzanne Haunani Apoliona, Ellen G. Carson, Myra R. Immings, Esther E. Park, Joyce Richards, Ann B. Simpson, Joyce S. Tsunoda, Won Hee K. You, Marti L. Young

1989: Amefil Agbayani, Irmgard Farden Aluli, Penny Bradley, Ines Cayaban, Marye Deming, Lisa Hashimoto, Elizabeth W. Takahashi

1988: Linda Coble, Kathryn Lucktenberg, Ruth M. Ono, Jane Renfro Smith, Judy Sobin

1987: Harriet Bouslog, Winifred Buckley, Clorinda L. Lucas, Patsy T. Mink, Mary K. Pukui, Barbara Tanabe, Mililani Trask

1986: Naomi Campbell, Janice M. Hamby, Jeannette P. Hereniko, Fran G. Hill, Karen T. Nakamura, Elizabeth L. Takao

1985: Lucille Breneman, Denby Fawcett, Joan Lee Husted, Marion G. Saunders, Martha T. Torney, Lynne Wikoff, Lily K. Yao

1984: Barbara Dew, Shelby A. Floyd, Melani Granfors, Ah Quon McElrath, May Moir, Harriet O'Sullivan

1983: Beebe Freitas, Lucile Moore, Myrtle Schattenburg, Emme Tomimbang, Edith H. Wolfe

1982: Ann B. Catts, Lois Taylor Clarke, Nancy Corbett, Betty Hemphill, Maureen Keleher

1980: Sharon Bintliff, Mealii N. Kalama, Shimeji Kanazawa, Andrea L. Simpson, Janice Wolf

1979: Mary G.F. Bitterman, Dorothy K. Ching, Billie Hauge, Laila Twigg-Smith, Betty M. Vitousek

1978: Cobey Black, Juliette M. Fraser, Betty F. Hirozawa, Adrienne Kaeppler, Dorothy Shimer

1977: Barbara Joan Edwards, Monta Kinney, Nora M. Kurosu, Audrey  Mertz, Patricia Putman

Previously Honored Organizations

Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing  •  Alu Like, Inc.  •  American Savings Bank  •  American Trust Co. of Hawaii, Inc.  •  Aston Hotels & Resorts, Hawaii  •  Belt Collins Hawaii  •  Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii  •  Group 70 International, Inc.  •  Hawaii Pacific University  •  Hawaii Women Lawyers  •  Kaiser Permanente  •  Kamehameha Schools  •  Kapi‘olani Medical Center  •  KHNL TV, Channel 13  •  KNDI 1270 AM  •  La Pietra Hawaii School for Girls  •  McDonald's Restaurants of Hawaii  •  Na Loio  •  Office Pavilion  •  Pioneer Federal Savings Bank  •  Rainbow Wahine Volleyball Team  •  Sacred Hearts Academy  •  St. Andrew's Priory  •  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers